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Our primary user works as an architect or contractor. 2050 Materials is a platform where architects and other stakeholders in the construction sector can find building products and compare their sustainability and overall performance. We enable the industry to select materials taking into account key data points such as carbon emissions, water use, recycled content and circularity. By listing your products on our platform, you benefit by getting exposure to the most progressive clients out there, and ensure you are up to date with the changing requirements of the sector.

Absolutely. We do not require any specific certification to allow suppliers to list their products. You may upload products and list their environmental impact. However, we indicate to our users the source of data, so a third-party verified certification carries more validity. Reach out to us ( to find out which certficiations make the difference to your clients.

We are currently not rating products. Our mission at 2050 Materials is to simplify the lives of architects and contractors and enable sustainability assessments for everyone. We may at one point indicate simplified ratings which allow comparisons between products, but this will only be done after manufacturers and suppliers give us their approval.